Online streaming training from Google Cloud Platform

20 NOVEMBER 2018

Thanks everyone who joined us for an exclusive online-stream event where we met the experts, enhanced our Google Cloud Platform (GCP) understanding. We hope it will accelerate your career from your screen. This exciting online-stream has been created to help you get started with cloud services such as Google App Engine, Datastore, Compute Engine, Containers, Big Data and Machine Learning.

Online streaming training from Google Cloud Platform consisted of several modules:

  • Welcome: Building What's Next with Google Cloud
  • Module 1 - Introducing Google Cloud Platform
  • Module 2 - Getting Started with Google Cloud Platform
  • Module 3 - Virtual Machines in the Cloud
  • Module 4 - Storage in the Cloud
  • Module 5 - Containers in the Cloud
  • Module 6 - Applications in the Cloud
  • Module 7 - Developing, Deploying and Monitoring in the Cloud
  • Module 8 - Big Data and Machine Learning in the Cloud
  • Continue learning with Google Cloud